Excalibur 65cm x 50cm. Indian ink & blue ink on drawing card £350


Self-explanatory, really. I think we've all been there, done it, bought the T-shirt & signed the visitors' book... what, you haven't? You will one day, believe me

Excalibur is a drawing I like a lot, but it is sort of unfinished. It is a kind of sketch. A sketch for something. Something else that I don't know yet. A more elaborate sketch than any sketch I would normally do. But a sketch nonetheless. It is on my list. My list of things. Things that one day I might get round to doing

In T. H. White's "The Sword in the Stone", Merlin is depicted as having been waiting for the Wart (young Arthur before he became king). Preparing the way for what was to be. Merlin's fate was to anticipate King Arthur and prepare the way for him. My Excalibur had to be drawn. Drawn from its stone of inspiration, just as Arthur drew his Excalibur from its stone. My Excalibur was done in anticipation of something. The difference is that Merlin knew what his something was, whereas I don't know what my something is. Or if I did, I've forgotten