Michelangelo, esperando a que se seque la primera mano (Michelangelo waiting for the undercoat to dry) 50cm x 65cm. Indian ink & pencil on drawing card £350

We've all heard of the Sistine Chapel. Some of us have visited it. We all know how brilliant Michelangelo was: his genius this, his genius that, blah blah blah. Sure. But here's a Before snapshot.

His mind's gone blank. Here he is, putting the undercoat on, playing for time, trying to hide the fact that he hasn't got a clue what he's going to paint.

Nerves. Tension. Self-doubt. The eyes of the Pope burning in the back of his neck. "This is a big job!" "What if I can't deliver?" "What if I cock it up?"
This was one of only 3 drawings I remember doing with quills made out of seagull feathers. The others are Tristeza Post-Expoito and ¡Ahí van las piernas!