Tristeza Post-Expoito (Post-Expoital Blues) 65cm x 50cm. Indian ink & washes, some crayons on drawing card £350

This harks back to my first ever exhibition in Romo, outside Bilbao, Easter 1990.

It was a joint event. When I first told a good friend of mine, José Luis López Oses, that I'd put my name on a waiting list for an exhibition gallery, he said it was something he wanted to do. But he had only recently started painting around this time, and he didn't have enough oils to exhibit on his own. So we shared the space.  A photographer from the defunct newspaper Egin came one day when José was there to cover the exhibition. A reporter came another day when I was there. So we had an article with José's photo & my interview

My first experience with the press, and I was misquoted. Don't believe anything in it

Here we are, obviously taking our paintings/drawings down on the last day of our 2-week gig, which was a bit of a bummer. Hence the "tristeza"/blues in the title, I suppose. In Spanish, "tristeza post-coito" means "after-sex blues", so I adapted it and invented my after-exhibition blues.

I actually did this drawing and hung it up while our exhibition was actually running. Strictly speaking it shouldn't be in this Black & White gallery as it has bits of yellow. I apologise for this slip-up. You can see the poster for this exhibition on another page, because it is related to another drawing.

This was one of only 3 drawings I remember doing with quills made out of seagull feathers. The others are Michelangelo and ¡Ahí van las piernas!

This drawing became more poignant for me after the theft of a drawing from my last exhibition in Liverpool in 2006. Info from an earlier exhibition is here, a later 1994 one in this same Romo gallery here, with photos here, a 1995 exhibition here, photos from a later 1996 Bilbao exhibition here, here and here