Unidentical Siamese Octuplets

Perhaps 51cm x 73cm. Black ink & yellow crayons on drawing card. Maybe. I haven't decided. Price to be agreed

This is a drawing I haven't even started yet.

I just have the title. And my glass of whiskey at the ready. Loaded day & night, for whenever the inspiration strikes.

I like that title a lot, and I am scared about starting the drawing, in case I fail to come up with something that does the title justice. Sometimes I don't have a title for the drawing till the end, as happened with the Campaign for Real Perspective. Other times the title is a title or a line from a poem or a song. I am so nervous about starting this drawing that I might put it off and start a different one.
There are two versions of this drawing that I might never get round to doing: a companion piece to a lot people's favourite,* the black & white Los Hermanos Brothers, or another in the series of yellow drawings.

* Judging from people's comments during exhibitions, here and in Spain