Chess: WWE hardcore triple raw death cage rules (Wire chess set)

76cm x 51cm. Painted & varnished red and blue wire chess pieces, white and black painted canvas board (27cm x 35cm) and felt tips. Mounted on mounting board. 200 (for the full work, mounted on the backdrop, or 150 if you just want the chessboard & pieces)

A long time ago I made a chess set. All the pieces are made of wire, with blue and red teams instead of the more usual black and white. I also made the board, but it was rectangular instead of square, and the 32 black squares weren't so much squares as clumps of black squiggly lines (sorry for using such a technical expression).

I hate chess, I am proud to be rubbish at it and I NEVER play it.

I was really pleased when a chess-playing friend once refused to play chess with it; he set it up and looked at it for while, then jumped away from it in horror. He said he couldn't get his head round it because it was so unlike what a chess set should look like. I had created an abomination! nobody could have paid me a higher compliment!
So, I took to including it in my exhibitions of drawings. Instead of setting it up as a conventional chess set, I put string "ropes" around the sides and used it as a wrestling ring, with two sets of tag teams.
In this photo, you can't really appreciate the individual pieces.

Nor can you really see the banners being held up in the crowd:

Blues check!


Reds check mate!


Youz reds are all check and no mate!


Reds no mates!


Check tu madre, blues de mierda!


Blue Pawnz whup Red Knight's *ss!


Lasciate ogni speranza, azzurri ch'entrate!


Rook to Queen's Bishop 3 my ass!!!


Stalemate stinks!


Castle, Kingie baby, castle!


Hey, Rook, smashdown that red stalemate!



This opens up a whole new world!