Level 7 - Ways of working up an appetite - à la Basque

"Doem-me a cabeça e o universo"
I've got pains in my head and my universe, or I've got a headache and a universe-ache, or My head hurts and so does my universe, or Both my head and my universe are throbbing (my inadequate translations)

Fernando Pessoa-Bernardo Soares "O Livro do Desassossego" (The Book of Disquiet/Unrest)

I got to know an English guy called Julian who was living and working in Bilbao. He set up a company called Clematis -after "clematis vitalba" aka the traveller's joy- organising wine and gastronomy tours around the Basque Country and La Rioja. He asked me if I could come up with simple line drawings on a Basque theme that he could use in his company brochure (on the left). He only used a few of them. This must have been some time between 1995-7.

 Julian also asked me to come up with a map for the centre of the brochure. I did do some sketches and he did keep asking how the map was coming along. But as he kept not mentioning the subject of offering me money for it, while never ceasing to boast about how much he was paying his IT contact for putting the brochure together, I decided not to go any further (some pencil sketches just below). I'd already done the drawings for nothing, so that was that. Not long afterwards, the company folded. Due to my drawings? I'll never know. I just hope my drawings don't have the same effect on my website!

Anyway, you can see them here. The originals are available as a full set of 11, at £300

As I've recently been redoing this part of my website, I've come to look at these drawings more and like them more than I ever did, I might even starting doing more of them


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