Ways of working up an appetite that are slightly suspect - dancing on wine glasses 11cm x 7cm. Indian ink on drawing card

When you first see a danzari  doing the godalet dantza (glass dance), you look twice to check that what you think you saw was actually what you did see. Why place a wine glass on the ground and leap on and off it? Then again, why not? OK, so local Basque txakoli (a white wine) doesn't go down without a fight, and the sagardoa (Basque scrumpy) is not for the squeamish. But why take it out on the glass? If you don't like it, don't drink it.

I thought at first it must be a mystic part of some ancient Basque martial art.

Or a secret masonic gesture.

Take this on the left: this quickly googled danzari in the crash helmet must be a white belt, a novice.

Tell me there is nothing masonic about his outfit.

Are you ready for the real thing? Here's are two videos. The first is the godalet dantza. The second is just mad dancing around the Basque country