Ways of working up an appetite that are dangerous but noble - fishing against the French 11cm x 12cm. Indian ink on drawing card

To begin with, I tried distilling what images came to me when I thought of Basques, the Basque country and food. First, fish. Second, fishermen and fishing fleets. Basque sailors are known to have reached North America long before Columbus and the rest of those herberts, yet the Basques had the good manners and sense to keep quiet about it and come home, letting the North American natives get on with their own business, unlike the more famous discoverers who arrived later. This drawing is dedicated to Basque fishermen.
There is a fault in the drawing. Can you spot it? Have a look at the other drawings in this section, then come back & have another look at this one. If you're then none the wiser, the answer's below.

Answer to the fishy riddle

See the fish poking its smiling head out of the net? I should really have drawn it smoking a cigar, shouldn't I?