Ways of working off one appetite to make room for the next appetite - after dinner cards 13.5cm x 13cm. Indian ink on drawing card

Card games (here, mus) are ubiquitous, as are fiercely fought mus competitions. The winner (and anyone who wins any other kind of competition in the Basque Country, or any Basque winning anything outside the Basque country, such as Miguel Indurain winning the Tour de France in Paris) is the Txapeldun, and amongst the txapeldun's prizes will inevitably be a huge, ornately embroidered presentation txapela, or beret.

Here's a quickly googled selection . . .

. . . and here's a shop where you can get a customised txapela with your own embroidered message on it

The -dun at the end of txapeldun means "having, being in possession of". So, the winner, in Basque, is the beret-possessor or the one who wears the beret! And to think that back in the 1970s I laughed at The Goodies and their ridiculous idea of massive flat caps worn by the masters of the Lancastrian martial art Ecky Thump!
This group have already had their midday constitutional dozen-or- so pre-lunch wines, and now they're well into the next stage of their busy schedule, their post-eats, patxarŠn-fuelled pre-evening-wines game of mus. What a busy life!