The Imagine Café inside my head

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...I've failed

How & why have I failed?

This chillout page was a haven for me to get away from the chaos of my failed attempt to impose order on my chaos

Take a look at my ceiling. Plastered with posters from my last few trips

I saw it as clutter - but was it a case of my website clutter invading my real home space or vice versa?

However, I've started having people stay in my house from CouchSurfing

Two intrepid couchsurfers, Mubin & Julia, dubbed my place a private chillout cafe, their so-called Imagine cafe

They took it over and turned it into the idea I originally had for this page of my website

Mubin has even written a blog about the experience - I'm happy to link to it, even though the views expressed are not mine

Before Mubin's arrival, I'd mentioned an idea to her - I wanted all couchsurfers staying with me to bring or send me posters from their home towns, that I could use to decorate my house

She brought me the first such poster, from Hyderabad

I'll have more & more posters from different countries, hopefully inspiring me to travel more

In the meantime, here's a drawing of my house by another couchsurfer, Elina from Latvia (in the bottom of the drawing) sketching her two fellow travellers & me (the choice of music was theirs, not mine)