The Imagine Café inside my head

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How many websites have you been to that have no visitor facilities?

Well the weary wwwsurfer here might find something refreshing

Once you've got your drink, you can chill out, chillax or just plain relax here for as long as you like. But feel free to take your drink with you as you smooch around the website. My drawings galleries aren't conventional galleries where you feel you're in some hallowed space. You can let the kids run riot and don't worry about precious exhibits, they're only art. If you smash one or the kids rip up a drawing, the artist can knock out another dozen copies. If you spill your wine or whiskey, we'll even give you a free top up. The use of mobile phones is encouraged, especially if you're gassing in a loud voice to somebody just ten feet away. There's even a Sudoku towards the end. Enjoy