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On 15 Feb 2009 Peter Cook had a plaque unveiled in his honour on the Establishment building

How I would like a sign in some pub commemorating me. What would it say about me?

'Here in 1997 Denis didn't fall asleep. And again in 2003. Twice!

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That's a nice Three-Men-in-a-Boat moment (to say nothing of the dog).

She was nuts on public-houses, was England's Virgin Queen. There's scarcely a pub. of any attractions within ten miles of London that she does not seem to have looked in at, or stopped at, or slept at, some time or other. I wonder now, supposing Harris, say, turned over a new leaf and became a great and good man, and got to be Prime Minister, and died, if they would put up signs over the public-houses that he had patronised: "Harris had a glass of bitter in this house;" "Harris had two of Scotch cold here in the summer of `88;" "Harris was chucked from here in December, 1886."

 Good old idle Jerome K. Jerome. He invented chilling out years before we had an expression for it. I think he'd have liked my webpage.