Gente genteando (People peopling) 50cm x 65cm. Indian ink, coloured inks, ink washes, crayon & pencil on drawing card £350

Armed with both the idea behind Iñakiak iñakitzen and that drawing, I realised I had to do an equivalent drawing based on the drinking habits of the younger Basque generation, the tadpoles who might one day pupate into full-blown Iñakis.

Where were you when you thought of this?

Having a drink.


In Romo, outside a bar.

Which one?

Erm..., the Canalla.

Would that happen to be the bar in the top right-hand corner of this drawing? (Corresponding to actual area on drawing of approx 18cm x 27cm)

Hang on... let me look... Yip, that's the one. With no name outside it.

And do you remember what you could see, when you were standing with your drink, outside the Canalla, when this idea struck you?

I think... people. Yeh, peop-. just... erm... people.

People? Doing... what?


Peopling, by any chance? And would this happen to be your good self, immortalised in your own drawing, standing behind Efrén?


Case closed, m'lud!