Iñakiak iñakitzen (Iñakis iñakiing) 50cm x 65cm. Indian ink, crayon & pencil on drawing card £500

Gaur larunbata da, eta beste larunbat guztiak bezala... 

Hoy es un sábado como otro cualquiera, y como todos los sábados...

(today is a Saturday nother day like any other)

los Iñakis se cruzan, se juntan, se saludan, e intercambian chismorreos. Coinciden en el mismo sitio, pero cada uno va a su propio pote. ¿Es una sola cuadrilla, o cada uno va por libre? Otro secreto más que el universo se resiste a desvelar...

A drawing based on observation of society in action in the Basque Country.

An Iñaki is... well, an Iñaki for me is... the drawing says it all. And what does the verb 'to Iñaki' mean? And how are these Iñakis Iñakiing? Look for yourself. "To iñaki" is to do what is in the nature of an Iñaki. I'd have thought that was self-evident.
These Iñakis are a single cuadrilla. I don't know how many Iñakis there are in this picture, but they are all illustrating the noble sport of txikiteo or poteo, in which txikitos or potes feature quite prominently. A txikito or pote is strictly-speaking a glass of wine, though it is an elastic term which embraces beer, cider or fruit juice - anything you fancy as long as it is drinkable in a hurry. Txikiteo/poteo encompasses bumping into friends, acquaintances or anybody weak-willed enough to be dragged into a spontaneous bar-crawl, the practitioners of which are txikiteros.
Not an Olympic sport as yet, txikiteo/poteo, but just wait until Bilbao hosts the Olympic Games! They'll introduce the 40-txikitero x 40-txikito relay.
You don't hang about when on a txikiteo/poteo mission: down the hatch and onto the next bar. Just as the last txikitero in the cuadrilla is arriving at the next bar, the first to arrive at that bar has already finished their txikito/pote and is invariably leaving that bar on their way to the next next bar.
Just imagine working in a small bar anywhere in the Basque country, when this whole cuadrilla turns up all of a sudden, with one Iñaki coming up to you and asking for 13,589 beltzak (blacks, i.e. red wines), 6,547 zuriak (whites), 8,596 zuritos (small beers) and an apple juice for Iñaki el Maricón at the back! And this is just the first cuadrilla of the day! As soon as this cuadrilla has left your bar, the next will be on their way in! Not a job for the faint-hearted.

The topic of Iñakis and their cuadrillas are discussed by the characters Chris, Spen and Denis in my short story Any External Source (and the feature-length screenplay of the same name based on the short story)

These hedonistic drawn Iñakis proved so popular amongst my friends -Basques and otherwise- that I had no hesitation in bringing them back for encores in a later gallery.