Todos os dias a matéria me maltrata 65cm x 50cm. Indian ink, coloured inks, crayon & pencil on drawing card £500



Matter treats me badly every single day, or

Every day matter has it in for me, or

Every day I'm mistreated by matter, or

I suffer the indignities of matter every day, or

Not a single day goes past without matter beating up on me, or

I suffer abuse at matter's hands every single day, or

Every single day I am the victim of matter's maltreatment

(The inadequacies of this translator)

Fernando Pessoa-Bernardo Soares "O Livro do Desassossego" (The Book of Disquiet/Unrest)


This drawing ticks a lot of my Favourite boxes: favourite title, favourite squiggles, favourite round pen strokes, favourite pen nibs, favourite inks, favourite colours etc. I actually had the title for the drawing long before any idea of what to draw: it's one of my favourite quotes from my favourite book  by my favourite author.

This is why my animation includes as many close-ups as possible of the drawing's various sections. A bit self-indulgent maybe, but I do like it