The Campaign for Real Perspective (letting their hair down in the Mip & Shitre) 51cm x 73cm or 73cm x 51cm. You see, there isn't a single way of looking at it and it shouldn't be hung up a single way. It should be rotated periodically, ideally I'd mount it on a rotating support. Inks & acrylic paints on drawing card, that much is certain £400

Work in progress. The inking is finished, apart from the fiddly octopussy bit in the middle, and I'm gearing myself up for the colouring-in.
The drawing was based on a few sketches I did in February 2005, during a real ale festival in a pub in Liverpool.

Can you spot me at the bar in this close-up? (Corresponding to actual area on drawing of approx 29cm x 48cm)

Well, here I am, back to the camera (8cm x 6cm)...

 unfinished....   ....& here with my make-up on
And for the squeamish amongst you. . . . (remember, the internet is an adult jungle, it's not meant for kids) here's real ugly me, trying to muscle in on the picture. How do you spell Yeaccch!?

By way of an insight into the real festival & my sketches, here is the pub's patent "stillage igloo" under construction, with my drawing version of the real ale thing, with George on igloo duty:

And here's a gratuitous close-up of a couple of festival-goers.
And to top it all, thanks to barmaid RACHEL & her digital camera... is the drawing on rotating display actually in the pub, surely it's spiritual home, during the pub's next real ale festival, staged in November 2005

Most people were too afraid or sceptical to carry out my written instructions on the frame...

...most people, that is, apart from my mum. Thank goodness for mums.

This drawing was done at the same time as First step on the way to world domination... infiltrate the upper echelons of the Ship & Mitre..., which is another rotatey drawing that needs to be spun around. And finally, some more Yeaccch!?

 The more I look at this drawing, the more I see it as an unintentional companion-piece to Iñakiak iñakitzen & Gente genteando