Dinosaurio, dándose cuenta de que está a punto de extinguirse (Dinosaur, realising that it is doomed to become extinct) 50cm x 65cm. Indian ink & coloured inks on drawing card £75

I liked the idea of a brontosaurus, happily chomping vegetation in a sumptuous, steamy swamp, suddenly struck by a thought that its life is pointless.
What a depressing thought for an ambitious bronto. In this scan you can't see the look of dismay on the bronto's face, which is just as well.

I'll happily raise my glass -if someone will be kind enough to pass me one... oh, thank you, how kind- and toast an old cartoon from Punch in the 1930s, which must have inspired this drawing . . .

I originally saw this in an ancient Punch almanac when I was still a schoolkid, and it was love at first sight. I was leafing through the book in the Art section of Liverpool's Central Library, and the cartoon made me laugh so loud and for so long that the librarian asked me to leave.

    I have kept a copy of this cartoon in my wallet ever since. If you go googling you can find a surprising amount of references to it. Apparently, even Douglas Adams knew of the cartoon and loved it. So there! I might be 163 marbles short of the necessary amount needed to be certified "Sane", but I'm in the best of company