Novios 65cm x 50cm. Indian ink, coloured inks, crayon & pencil on drawing card £500


This has always been one of my favourite drawings, and very personal to me. And it always puzzled people. This had a lot to do with the title. Novios in Spanish is ambiguous: most Spanish people would interpret it as referring to people of both sexes, 'boyfriends & girlfriends', 'engaged couples', or 'brides and grooms', 'the betrothed'. This would be the most probable context for the word. However, there are no women's body parts in the heap of torsos: only men. So that narrows the meaning down to the less obvious one: boyfriends (or grooms etc.).

Whose? Referring to what? Your boyfriends?

No. Think again. Any guesses? You can always for more clues.