Pant, pant, you got me panting like a dog, pant, pant, I'm a hot pant hot dog! Roughly 65cm x 50cm. Indian ink & coloured inks on drawing card £500 for the 16 original pieces

This is one of the last drawings I did in Spain, before coming back to Liverpool in 2000. I found it one day

r  -  i  -  p  -  p  -  e  -  d             i  -  n  -  t  -  o               p  -  i  -  e  -  c  -  e  -  s,

for reasons which I needn't go into. The title, "Pant, pant, you got me panting like a dog", is from a B-52s song, Hot Pants Explosion.

However, I rescued and kept the pieces, not really knowing what to do with them. At the back of my mind, I must have known that one day I'd have a website to post them on. 
It's about a song & a drawing about hot pants. H-O-T P-A-N-T-S? What kind of H-O-T P-A-N-T-S worn in what way could really inspire a song and a drawing? I didn't do the drawing straight after the B-52s brought the song out in '92. No. I did know the song, and had bought the album. But the song only acquired a personality of its own for me quite a bit later than that.

There was a period when after work on a Friday evening a few mates and me used to gravitate to a particular bar (the Big Window Bar aka El Pis aka the Trokazulo) in Romo, Bilbao.

Yes, gravitate is the word, as nothing was arranged. For no good reason but lots of bad ones, slugs of Havana Club became our unofficially official winding-down/grinding-up chupito. (This is as opposed to the other bars in Romo where I used to meet up with other mates on the same night and have other winding-down/grinding-up Jameson/Havana Club/patxarán chupitos, you understand). This was, I suppose, the nearest I ever got to pre-clubbing. And the music in this bar at this time on a Friday, together with the mix of people there, was crucial for deciding what kind of night I was going to have. A bit like listening to Pete Tong on a Friday night before going out. And Alberto on the decks in the Big Window Bar -a different Alberto to the Alberto who kept our swimming pool-sized chupitos dangerously topped up- liked rolling certain choons which became our Friday evening soundtrack. He'd chuck loadsa early '90s American grindin grooves at us: the Chilis, Nirvana, little Lenny K, bits of REM, relevant snippets of "Fuck The Police", the odd Pearl Jam pearl and. . . dah-dahn! the B-52s. Hot Pants Explosion in particular summed up for me these Friday evenings, spent p-a-n-t-i-n-g. The Big Window Bar would explode when this song came on.

So I wanted an explosive drawing to reflect it, hence. . . Mind you, I didn't expect that explosive drawing to eventually be exploded into pieces!
Whoa, Denis, stop! You're giving out too much information, here. Forget all this personal stuff.
Until now, few people had ever seen
"Pant Pant. . ." in its entirety, but now you can, you old hot pant hot dog.
Well, this is what it looks like pieced back together. With the pieces being ripped, they've obviously frayed and don't fit together 100% snugly any more. But that is all part of the ageing & maturing process that we all go through. Frayed hair, furrowed skin & wrinkled features add character & personality. Who wants perfection?

Pant, pant! (Lifesize jigsaw £60 Small jigsaw £30)

Over Christmas 2005, I made two jigsaws of the drawing, small and lifesize. I printed my scans out on photo paper (glossy the small one and matt the lifesize one) and stuck them on mounting card. Here, again thanks to the Ship & Mitre's one and only Rachel & her digital camera (doesn't that sound like a great name for an '80s band!), is a Before shot on the left, with the jigsaws in their packets (the pint of Wobbly Bob is just so you can judge the scale)

And here's an After shot, of both jigsaws completed, side by side, with just enough Wobbly Bob drunk to refresh my jigsawing muscles!


 I had intended to make several copies of the jigsaw to sell, but the process of cutting out the pieces was so laborious that I won't make any more. The selling prices reflect the fiddliness & the time they took to make.

I also tried instigating a new pub game . . . team tag jigsawing

  Here were the finalists, Ste & Jim versus Marco & Mahesh. It was a hard-fought contest, with much below-the-belt off-siding deviousness on the part of Ste & Jim, but Marco & Mahesh showed the necessary stamina and strength in their jigsawing muscles to win in style.