Graffitifying a friend's walls - the constellations above us

These photos are crude, off-the-cuff attempts at finding answers to this important question. Though merely quick sketches, they'll do until I develop the ideas further.
I'd say one tiny thing in my defence: even though I hope these ideas will upset the astronomy purists, I have stuck to the kind of terminology used to describe constellations. I like to do my research beforehand, and I came to like the captions I came across, such as "Facing south, Nov 10pm" echoed in astronomy manuals, indicating where in the night sky budding stargazers should look to see a given constellation. Here's hoping you'll one day see one of these constellations.
And a final thought. Some of the subjects referred to in these constellations may have dated even during the few years since I painted them. But even if they may mean little to you now, I don't think that makes them any less worthwhile. Why? Because despite how dated such ideas as "plough", "belt" & "big dipper" are to us today, we still use them unquestioningly as valid for those collections of twinkling things above us. So there!