"The corrupt foot-&-mouth inspector & the unscrupulous abattoir owner" Fig 77 Facing the other way March 9.00pm


The topicality of the subject matter dates this drawing to circa the BSE outbreak in the UK. Then again, I'd argue that we are ignorant of how the traditional names for the constellations came into being. Who was this Orion? What was special about his belt? A group of his mates might have named the constellation after him one day when he was drunk & hung-over. Orion might have been getting up to drunken antics with his "belt". His mates weren't to know the name would stick, they just did it as a joke! Alternatively,  Orion might have been a minor celeb from an ancient Greek reality tragedy, given his 15 minutes of fame/notoriety by winning a vote-them-out show. His prize? He had a constellation named after him. There might even have been a scandal which we don't know about today,  surrounding his "belt". Perhaps a toned-down handbaggy euphemism for his homosexuality, or an allusion to alleged S&M tendencies. Yet we today think nothing of this Orion, nor how he achieved his fame.
Likewise, even if future generations know nothing of recent British mad cow disease and DEFRA, this constellation of mine will still be out there, regardless, twinkling away in the sky