"The G.M. farmer" Fig 107 Facing north May 02.45am

Surely the main difference between genetically modified food today, which makes the news, and genetically modified food back in the post-WW2 20th century which never used to make the news is that now we have coined 2 new expressions for it: genetically modified & Frankenstein food. We've been stuffing our urban faces full of processed crap for generations, without caring two hoots where the "food" came from or what the hell the manufacturers have injected into it. As long as there's enough sugar, salt & monosodium glutamate in it, we don't care, and slavishly call the food "tasty". Before G.M. hit the headlines, we didn't give a damn. So what's the big deal about Frankenstein food? Why start making a fuss now? Go on, get it down your neck! I'm in favour of it (for you, not me!). The quicker the majority of you die of heart diseases and leave the planet in peace for me & my mates the better