"Virus annual convention" Fig 48 Facing south Dec 00.15am

Shades of the bogus asylum seeker again, here. I wouldn't say that I tend to favour the underdog all of the time, it's just that I don't like believing bad press about something unless I've got my own experiences to back it up. Take HIV, mad cow's disease & the flu. I can't say anything in their favour, except that the viruses or whatever that causes them aren't born bad, are they. They didn't ask to be the baddies. And if they produce negative effects in humans, it's nothing personal. Even a virus must have had a mother. Viruses must have their own particular aspirations, hopes & fears for the future, worries about how they're gonna feed & clothe their kids. Imagine, a virus with a heart. Well, I imagined a constellation where viruses get together and try to give each other a lift, wear stupid hats and badges and forget their bad press for a few days.