La mujer de la limpieza (The cleaning lady) 65cm x 50cm. Indian ink, crayon & pencil on drawing card £100

A very flawed drawing. But as I've decided to show my earlier drawings, I have to show this one, despite my blushes. It is, however, memorable for me for . . .

. . . this snogging couple. . .

. . . who are the same couple seen smooching in El No Fumador.



This may or may not have been based on a real-life observation, and I may or not have been jealous of the fellah concerned. The girl was stunning, of that there is no doubt. I wonder what she ended up doing? Where is she today? Did she marry that fellah she was snogging?

No. Impossible. How can I be so certain?

That fellah actually ended up joyfully & gleefully hacked to pieces by me with a chainsaw, dumped on the heap of dead boyfriends in a later drawing, Novios.