Mrs Moses out walking the dog in the Promised Land  50cm x 65cm. Indian ink, coloured inks, ink washes, crayon & pencil on drawing card £400

This was a later, larger reworking of one of the 4 drawings in the photo in the Bluecoat Gallery. You can't really make it out, but it is the top right of those four drawings.

I always liked a quote from an American cartoonist, George Booth, which I read in "Man Bites Man" : " If there's one thing I like better than a George Booth cartoon, it's a George Booth cartoon BIG."
I echo that sentiment about my own drawings. But I prefer mine BIG and with TONS OF COLOUR

I like this drawing for many different reasons. I can remember once ranting and joking about the Promised Land, probably with friends at school or at uni, mixing up Paradise & the Promised Land. It is supposed to be SOMEWHERE ELSE, isn't it? Somewhere NOT HERE. Somewhere BETTER. Somewhere ASPIRATIONAL, where we can dream about reaching, knowing that it'll just never happen.

Well, imagine that this is it.! There ain't nothing else, buddy! What a let-down. Imagine Moses leading his people into this world we have today and being told by God "this is your lot". I was thinking about all this with no thought of a drawing, but some time later I went on another rant about things that I hate, such as Macdonalds and Coke. It wasn't much later. . .

 . . .that I had a vague title rattling around my brain, something about someone walking the dog in the Promised Land. How ironic it would be if they were in our real world. Who could it be? Moses? Moses walking his dog? No too obvious, but someone close. An insight on the margin of what you'd find in the Bible. Why not Mrs Moses? Great!!!

A very Ronald Searle inspired drawing

By the way, the drink advertised on the hoarding, Crap, was supposed to be called Cack, but I forgot and only realised after I'd finished, but don't tell anybody