Levels? What are these Levels about?

The drawings are laid out so as to help you navigate in easy stages through our clumsy three dimensions of space. After Level 8, you'll be in the Outskirts of Infinity, and you'll be able to glimpse tantalisingly inside towards Infinity Central, Where Space meets Time. This is where all the more graceful Other Dimensions kick in, and it is a really wild, wild place. You should go there if you get the chance. You might see some of God's small balls, or even God's Big Ball, if you're lucky.
But how can you get there? Well, you can either do it the hard way, by hitching, or slip in through the Back Door (Level 9). All of this is explained in the comments about the Outskirts of Infinity triptych in
Level 8

The quotes before each Gallery are insights of lateral/leftfield thinking, from people who've inspired me to think my own way. You'll find all of these people in the Centre of Infinity if you look hard enough.

- Drawings & Prints for sale - Drawings & Prints for sale -

The whole Gallery has been reworked, and I have both originals drawings and prints available for sale. I've recently had most of the large-format drawings (i.e. bigger than A4) scanned professionally, which is how I'm offering prints. Any drawings A4 or less have been scanned by me.

If you see a drawing listed like this, with a Morgens animation...

65cm x 50cm. Indian ink, coloured inks, crayon & pencil on drawing card £350

...it means I still have the original, and the price at the end is the cost of the original. You can either have the original or a print Or both

If you see a listing like this with no price at the end...

65cm x 50cm. Private collection. Indian ink, crayon & pencil on drawing card

...it means I don't have the original so that isn't for sale. However, the animation means that although the original is not for sale, I have had the drawing scanned and can offer prints for sale.

A listing like...

 65cm x 50cm. Private collection. Indian ink, crayon & pencil on drawing card

...means that not only isn't the original for sale, but I no longer have it & I haven't had it scanned.

Basically, no Morgens animation, no prints.

Morgens? What are they? Oh, sorry. . . well you'll find out if you go to Level 4, where the Morgens have their own gallery.

I can also do prints of any of the graffiti in the Graffiti Galleries.


 As far as prints go, there are two options, two sizes and two sets of prices. A4 & full-size.

A4 prints

I can do excellent quality A4 prints myself: I'm using two kinds of paper: a matt photo paper (Jessops double-sided 170gsm) for some drawings and a textured inkjet watercolour paper (Bockingford 190gsm). Why the difference? Simple. Some drawings look better on one paper, some on the other, as I'm discovering through trail and error. If you want a print of Los Hermanos Brothers, for example, I'll only offer it on the Bockingford watercolour paper, because I'm satisfied it's the best image I can give you. However, if you want a print of From Liverpool to Georgetown, it has to be on matt photo paper. One drawing -God's Big Ball- even looks better on glossy photo paper, and anyone asking for an A4 print of it would get it on 190gsm Kodak double sided glossy picture paper. The reason is that the original was actually drawn on a glossy, reflective card, so that the tightly-packed lines of black ink look great when they catch the light. Glossy picture paper does this one justice.

A drawing like Hermanos has small, fine DETAIL, yet the textured paper doesn't interfere with it. Rather, it creates an extra atmosphere, sort of Jan Svankmajery. Whereas Georgetown, though also detailed, has small, fine, self-contained OBJECTS, and the watercolour paper texture rather smothers them.

You will have to trust my judgement on this. I won't fob you off with anything I'm not happy with myself: they're my drawings and I want them seen at their best. I'm still trying out other specialist papers, and if I find anything that gives better results than what I've already got, I'll use it.

By the way, my A4 prints don't fill a WHOLE A4 sheet. Why? With few exceptions, I haven't used A1 drawing card for the original drawings. The dimensions of my original Spanish drawing card isn't A1: España is different. At 50cm x 65cm, my Spanish card is bigger than A2 (42cm x  59.4cm) but smaller than A1 (59.4cm x 84.1cm). Nor does it have the same short side:long side ratio as the ISO international size classifications. That's why my 50cm x 65cm scans don't reduce exactly to cover a whole A4 sheet. As a guide, the prints will generally have a border of 19mm along the short sides and 3mm along the long sides.

I can do up to A4 prints of the graffiti photos.

The more detailed drawings (i.e. most of the Morgens drawings) really should be seen full size, see next section, but the A4 prints still manage to do justice to the detail.

All A4 prints are £10 each. Postage & shipping extra.

Full-size prints

I've been in contact with firms that do fine art reproductions, to see about having full-size prints done professionally, (most drawings are around 65cm x 50cm). I've had good results from Indigo Art Digital, and have had full-size prints done of From Liverpool to Georgetown,  on Woodstock 310gsm fine art digital paper, which I will be offering for sale shortly. You will have first option (if I know you & have your email address), though I will eventually put them on ebay.

All full-size prints are £100 each. Postage & shipping extra. If the size of the original is less than 65cm x 50cm, the corresponding full-size print will be less than £100. Please for details. However, in order to have a full-size print done, I would need a minimum of two people interested in copies, otherwise I cannot afford to have them done. If you show an interest in a full-size print of drawing X, please contact friends & colleagues, as will I, to see if there is a second taker for a print of drawing X. Then I can go ahead. However, all prints are subject to me approving them with the printer: if I'm not happy with the quality, I won't go ahead with them, and will let you know. This is not a problem with my own A4 prints.

Other items

You might like to know that a whole group of small original drawings, Basques working up appetites, is only for sale as a set.

There is also a series of computer-generated drawings, New Constellations, available as a set of postcards.

You will find a couple of hand-made, one-off jigsaws for sale too, based on one of my drawings.