Edificio en ruinas (Property condemned) 65cm x 50cm. Private collection. Indian ink, crayon & pencil on drawing card


This was a very early drawing in this phase of my drawing, a direct transplant & translation of a drawing I'd done while I was still at school

I wasn't going to include it here, but as I've been writing this page, I've remembered why I liked it so much to begin with


It plays with the very structure of a cartoon strip and breaks off in the middle, like a Spike Milligan or Monty Python sketch with no punch line. The punch line is the whole idea


I forget what the workman says in the original English version, but here in this Spanish version he says something . . .

. . . which is so typical in Spain. Any excuse for a break & a drink, a real "going to see about a dog" moment


Besides, I used the drawing for the poster of my first Spanish exhibition, so how could I leave it out here?