Faery Watercolour Classes

Back in 2007 I took my youngest niece Bethany to a series of painting classes which I saw advertised. Classes for learning to paint faeries in watercolours. She was into faeries at the time, is good at drawing and I had never used watercolours. We thought it would be a giggle. And it was. We were being taught by Michelle Campbell.


 The classes were held in a small cafe that unfortunately has now closed down

I can't say the experience made me a watercolour convert.

So far.

But Michelle did make everything great fun.

Very wet & sloppy & splashy











And here me & Bethany are at my house. . .

. . .doing our faery homework

Sadly, no faeries ever volunteer to help with my housework

A few years before our faery adventure, even before I started my website, I put together a PowerPoint Presentation of Bethany's drawings. I've now included it in my Writings section


  And finally, what page on faery painting would be complete without photos of Bethany's colourful faery cakes?