En las afueras del Infinito, intentando llegar al centro (In the outskirts of Infinity, trying to hitch to the centre) 50cm x 65cm. Indian ink, coloured inks & crayon on drawing card. Soon to be in a Private Collection


Aquí vemos lo que rodea las afueras del Infinito, visto desde dentro (Dicho Infinito y dichas afueras por gentileza de Jimi Hendrix)

Here we see what lies past the outskirts of Infinity, seen from within (Infinity and Outskirts courtesy of Jimi Hendrix)

I may be wrong, but these Van Goghs, here trying to hitch a lift from the gas-bottle wagon might be the same Van Gochs making a reappearance in another drawing, as might the gas-bottle butanero man in another other drawing

My Van Goghs in the drawings in this gallery here remind me very much of of Greg Constantine's Van Goghs in his cartoon book "Vincent van Gogh Visits New York", which I fell in love with over 20 years ago. I was already fascinated by Van Gogh, and know for sure that I had my own Van Goghs brooding inside me when I saw Greg Constantine's.

I like the background squiggles in this drawing, and they make me feel bit dizzy. Which is fitting, as I imagine the outskirts of infinity to be a very dizzying place. I've explained these squiggles on this other page