God’s Big Ball (and some of the smaller ones)  65cm x 50cm. Indian ink & coloured inks on drawing card. This drawing was reserved during my last exhibition and was due to soon be in a Private Collection, but as we know, events dictated otherwise

En el Centro del Infinito, el Tiempo y el Espacio se juntan, formando inmensas bolas de interferencia. A estas bolas se les llama “los huevos de Dios”, y aquí vemos el más grande, el más conocido y, dicho sea de paso, el más bonito de todos.

In the centre of Infinity, Time and Space crunch together, forming immense balls of interference, known by all who experience them as God's Balls. This is a close-up of the largest, most well-known, and arguably the most beautiful mother of all God's Balls

As I explain on another page, this drawing was stolen from an exhibition in Liverpool, June '06, and it prompted me to put an end to the exhibition. I tried to get some consolation by alerting the press & people in the arts: God's big ball has been stolen, God now is big-ball-less.

It certainly hit me below the belt. Not least because somebody wanted to buy it and so I had reserved it. Plus it was one of my own favourites, and I aprticualrly liked the idea behind it, and the links between it and the other drawings in this gallery, Outskirts of Infinity and Where Sopace Meets Time. But looking back it didn't affect me as much as it could have. Because I had had the drawing scanned, as with all the others. I at least had the image, so I was still free to do what I wanted with that image. It would have been a lot worse if I'd only had photos or slides of it.

I like the animation above, too. It's done in such a way as to make you feel like an astronaut, orbiting God's Big Ball in a space ship, getting ever nearer

Roughly 72% of “Outskirts of Infinity” triptych on display at the Bar Jaunak, Bilbao, 1996


100% of the “Outskirts of Infinity” triptych at the Jaunak