¡Ahí van las piernas! (Legs ahoy!/There they blow!)  65cm x 50cm. Indian ink & coloured inks on drawing card £500

The first large-format drawing I ever did. I'd found out that anybody could walk into my local art gallery in Romo, near Bilbao, and book an exhibition. So I walked in and put my name down on the waiting list, which was 6 months. Only then did I realise I'd need drawings. I drew this picture with quills I made myself from seagull feathers collected from Las Arenas beach. I washed, degreased & dried them, and lovingly baked the tips in hot sand to harden them. Piernas and Ojalá are prequal bookends to the later Outskirts triptych.

The butanero, here running out of staircase, is very probably the same gas-bottle man being flagged down in Outskirts.

The other 2 drawings I remember doing with seagull quills are Michelangelo and Tristeza Post-Expoito

"Piernas" on display at the Bar Jaunak, Bilbao 1996