Level 5 - The Yellow Gallery

"Ah, quem escreverá a história do que poderia ter sido?
Será essa, se alguém a escrever,
A verdadeira história da humanidade"

Who will be the first to chronicle everything that could have happened yet didn't? If anyone ever does, then that will be the true story of mankind, or If anyone ever writes a history of what could have been, that will be the true story of mankind (my translation)

Fernando Pessoa-Álvaro de Campos

I'm a bit colour blind (or colour unsure, regarding some colours - those pesky blues greens & browns), and I often rely on the label on the bottle of ink to know what colour I'm using. But I have no problem with bright yellows & oranges, which is why I use them so often, and why I like these "yellow" drawings.

They might have been inspired by library books of old B&W photos which I stumbled across as a kid, taken by a German photographer whose name I've forgotten. But long before I ever saw those, my brain (both halves, the only thing they've got in common) was already macerated in similar photos Terry Gilliam used to "borrow" from Sear & Roebuck catalogues for his Monty Python's Flying Circus animations.

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