The case of that Bethany dame

Bethany is my sister's youngest daughter. Back in about 2004/5, shortly before I started my website, I put together a PowerPoint Presentation of Bethany's drawings. A good computer exercise for me, as well as a surprise birthday present for her. She was always drawing, and I took this as my cue. I took as many of her drawings as I could, without arousing suspicion, and family photos that her mum and grandma had. I scanned everything and thought how to piece them together...


...I eventually came up with a corny, Raymond Chandler/Gumshoe-style detective story, involving her mum and 2 sisters, as well as me, and I burnt it onto a disc.

The idea was partly for the disc to be a presentation of an original idea for a birthday present that might inspire other kids' mums & dads into commissioning me to do stories for their kids

Click on the disc cover (Opera, Safari, I.Explorer) to download the show, or right-click on it & choose Save Link As... (Firefox).

The show will open in PowerPoint. You can move from slide to slide by using the Left & Right arrows, Enter or Page Up & Page Down; your clicking speed will also speed up the show. make sure your speakers are on: the soundtrack was some of Bethany's favourite tracks at the time. Press Esc at any time to stop the show.

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