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6 September
Imagine you are the smallest fish in a sea...

Julia GŁnther posted her thoughts "I love that imagination. In front of me I see blue coral reefs, loads of beautiful fish swimming around me and me in the middle exploring all of them :))"

This was my reply to Julia

A fishy drawing based on a fishy mural i painted in a friend's toilet


Rita Choudhury - Lovely blend of colors...

Shilpy Bandil - Fish drawing so easy... thanks Mubin, i can teach pari now... drawing :)

Mubin Sultan - ‎Shilpy , you might want to like the Imagine Cafe page, you will find many such great things there

Mubin - Sultan Beautiful!

Chris Kemp - I need u to paint Another toilet it's becoming very popular. People have asked where they can buy the wall paper

Mubin Sultan - Hi Chris, Denis told me about the Looe, I saw pictures of your house, it's beautiful!

Chris Kemp - Oh if u like my comment I'm going to like ur comment Mubin

Mubin Sultan - Thanks! So fun!

Chris Kemp - Yes they r. People come from all over the country to see the toilet walls

Chris Kemp - Well Chepstow and Leicester

Mubin Sultan - Someday I will visit it and you can say people come from all over the world!

Chris Kemp - Any friend of Denis gets a free week although u'll have to pay to use the toilet

Mubin Sultan - ‎:O Awesome! No problem paying to enter Denis' toilet-wall paper museum!

Chris Kemp - I prefer to call it a gallery I don't want any ancient artefacts left in there

Mubin Sultan - ok, gallery :)

Imagine Cafe - hiya mubin, i see you've met chris

Mubin Sultan - Yes, we met over coffee at the Imagine Cafe ;-)

Imagine Cafe - they say it's a good place for meeting new weirdos

Chris Kemp - I'm an old weirdo thank u very much

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