Fave web videos




My favourite videos seen on the net, kept here so I never lose them

Singing in the Rain (Dancing on the Timeline)

I think this is amazing. Datamoshing must be the way forwards

NO DIALOGUE Graffiti artist BLU. Every time I watch this, I boggle at how long it must have taken to film. Then my brain stops boggling, because it does my head in SPANISH (English subtitles) BLU again. The passers-bys' comments make this video great to watch. I didn't know this district in Barcelona and haven't seen this graffiti. Here is my own small gallery of graffiti photos I have taken (in Barcelona and elsewhere). And here are my only ever attempts at graffiti

  Summer 1986. I have 4 drawings in an exhibition in Liverpool. There are also animations playing in the gallery. This is one that I fell in love with. Set in a night club, the Cas, where me and my uni friends often used to go. The animator must have been there too. Maybe we were there at the same time. The club is gone. My memories of it aren't. The video isn't. This is that video and here's my contribution to that exhibition  

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