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Most of the clips here are new to me, so they might be new to you. The music on the other hand is largely familiar to me, as I first stumbled across Brazilian artists over 20 years ago, although collecting Brazilian music since then hasn't always been easy. But it has been a relatively new experience to see so many videos & discover so many excerpts from tv documentaries etc.

The audio & visual quality of the clips is very variable, but that doesn't really matter. Here are the various sections I've set up so far, and you'll see this floor plan at the top of every page in the jukebox. Just click on the photo & you'll be taken to that section

video jukebox & words to songs



mixed gems

joão gilberto

história de uma gata

mulheres de chico

summer samba

hippy hoppy electronicky drum'n'bassamba

canção do mar

baden powell

caetano veloso & gilberto gil

chico buarque

girl from ipanema


that feminine tuch

tom zê


jorge ben

fernanda porto

I haven't found clips for all of the songs & artists I love. I constantly remind myself that YouTube, like the web in general, doesn't contain EVERYTHING. It only contains WHAT HAS BEEN UPLOADED by PEOPLE WHO KNOW HOW TO UPLOAD SUITABLY FORMATTED FILES

If everybody -even me- uploaded all the material in their collections, life as we know it would cease, because we'd spend all our time following up cross-references. I have spent a lot of time wading through YouTube and have saved you a lot of legwork by putting together this compilation. I hope you enjoy it. I do. What's not to enjoy about....?

....Jorge Ben performing "Bebete Vai Embora" on live tv in the 60s or .

...Baden Powell in 1972 explaining the background to "Berimbau" or

....Vinícius singing his afrosambas in Italy in 1978 or

....Gilberto Gil performing in his first concert back in Brazil after 2 years exile or

....Drumagick's drum'n'bassamba reworking of "Take it easy, my brother Charles" or

....Racionais MC's doing "Nego Drama" or

....Gabriel O Pensador ripping/rapping into politicians or

....João Gilberto singing "Chega de Saudade" with his daughter Bebel or

....Cibelle... just sort of... I don't know... OOZING OUT all the way through "Punk de Periferia", surely THE sexiest anything EVER seen EVER in the whole history of absolutely EVERYthing EVER seen ANYwhere in ANY universe in ANY dimension

It's all out there. And here, in various sections

(by the way, the animation on the keft is just to tell you that the various pages are in varying stages of being finished, but don't let that stop you browsing)

** video jukebox ** video jukebox **

here's a page where i've compiled a jukebox of certain clips from different sections

if everybody in the world watched all the clips on this page, people would be so full of joy that they would cease wars, solve all social problems everywhere and collaborate to put an end to all famine and pollution

so make sure you email the page to everyone you know

you have that duty

otherwise, if & when we bring our earth to an end, it'll be YOUR fault, my friend

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** words to songs ** words to songs ** words to songs **

if you watch a clip and are curious enough to want to know what the words are, you'll find masses of potential help on the web. a quick google has just thrown up the following artists' websites

gilberto gil    jorge ben   bebel gilberto     caetano veloso    drumagick    fernanda porto

& blogs

gabriel o pendador      marcelo d2

& myspaces, or rather, theirspaces

 cibelle         marcelo d2      bebel gilberto

& twitters

fernanda porto      cibelle

you'll find there's often a language option, so you can choose to see their sites in english, with loads of info, discographies, podcasts, downloads, tour dates etc

try googling (song title) or (artist) + "letra" (the portuguese for lyrics/words) or even google for the "cifras" (guitar parts) if you want to learn to play the song. jorge ben's own website has the music for his songs. there are also a lot of websites which are lyrics databases

vagalume      letras     all-the-lyrics (they have a translation option, but don't ask me what the translations are like)    letras-cifras     hipermusicas

they have a-z lists of artists, usually alphabetical lists of the artists songs and search windows.

another good source is fans' blogs (google artist + blog), such as two i found for jorge ben, salve jorge ben & sacudin ben blog, and loronix & caipirinha lounge for brazilian music in general (sites like these often offer downloads of whole albums ssssshhh!!!!!!)

there are also certain company sites which are good sources. you'll see from a lot of the clips that they were originally recorded for & broadcast by showlivre. their website holds a lot of music. trama records started a good few years ago, mainly for drum'n'bass & tecno stuff, at first (xrs, dj patife, fernanda porto etc), though they have broadened to more mainstream music, also breathing new life into older, neglected artists and acquiring (it appears) a lot of tv archive material. their site has masses of material

i have put together this Brazilian Jukebox just using what i have found on YouTube. i could do similar Jukeboxes with what is additionally availabe from the likes of Show Livre & Trama. but maybe it's someone else's turn

happy hunting

or or

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