** Cibelle ** Cibelle ** Cibelle **

mixed gems

joão gilberto

história de uma gata

mulheres de chico

summer samba

hippy hoppy electronicky drum'n'bassamba

canção do mar

baden powell

caetano veloso & gilberto gil

chico buarque

girl from ipanema


that feminine tuch

tom zê


jorge ben

fernanda porto

** Cibelle ** Cibelle ** Cibelle **

4 cover versions to begin with, where Cibelle leaves the originals standing.

a word about the first two clips, "refazenda" & "punk da periferia": if your heart doesn't B-L-E-E-D and you don't fall hopelessly in love with this woman, whatever sex you are, you're S-C-U-M.

sorry, that's just the way it is, i could have expressed it in a less harsh way, but life's to short to pussyfoot around bushes

** S T O P   P R E S S ** S T O P   P R E S S **

i've just submitted this rationale to the united nations as an independent method for assessing an individual's worth as a human being and they've accepted it as perfectly valid and will be adopting it in all future humanitarian interventions, so there!

** S T O P   P R E S S ** S T O P   P R E S S **

3 gilberto gil songs from a 2007 tv special dedicated to gil....

...and a live version of caetano veloso's "london, london"




"punk da periferia"


& gilberto gil

& renato  braz  & berimbrown "aquele abraço"


"esplendor" live






"esplendor" live rio 27 october '07 x 2 different cameras






"instante de dois"






"white hair"



live in brazil, chucking in brazilian lyrics "pra vocês"



"gracefully" live ny


"london, london" (caetano veloso)

f. devendra banhart

"noite do carnaval"

at cafe du nord (san francisco? 2006?)

"mango tree"

"minha neguinha"

"green grass" (tom waits)


live on brazilian tv (21 sept '07)

& in new york

& celso fonseca "ela é carioca" later with jools holland


more live clips

beachland cleveland (19 sep '06)

"phoenix" "gracefully" "city people" "mad man" "green grass"/"noite de carnaval" "um só segundo"

a session (20 aug '08) for spanish radio 3 (possibly the best radio station in the world for anyone into music)


"noite de carnaval"

"white hair"

"green grass"

"mad man"


"the girl with the pre-fabricated heart" the real tuesday weld f. cibelle

a sequence from the real tuesday weld's soundtrack to hans richter's film 'dreams that money can buy'

and one of several studio clips of the recording of the backing track

cibelle interviews

in english here, for french tv


& here in the states, mentioning the electronic gear she uses (if you've seen her live clips, you'll know what i mean)

& this one in portuguese  with shots of her rehearsing & painting her finger nails different colours

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