** That Feminine Touch **

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história de uma gata

mulheres de chico

summer samba

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canção do mar

baden powell

caetano veloso & gilberto gil

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that feminine tuch

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fernanda porto

** That Feminine Touch **

* bebel gilberto * bebel gilberto * bebel gilberto * bebel gilberto *

"chega de saudade" joão & gilberto & his 14 year-old daughter bebel, same concert


....or here with brazilian lyrics if you want to do a karaoke


"diga" bebel gilberto (a little older & wearing a different ring) & her pensioner dad joão 1994


bebel gilberto "momento", including footage of an interview with her dad joão gilberto & her mum miúcha

bebel gilberto  bbc later 2000


comparisons can be horrible, but this one isn't, different versions of "samba e amor"

janine santos & pedro lima

fernanda abreu


"história de uma gata" (a lady cat's tale) by chico buarque

a strange choice, i knew nothing about this song until i stated YouTubing, & i think the various clips available make for interesting viewing

first, here's a version from a brazilian kids programme, with bebel gilberto's mum miúcha.

bebel is in the red tshirt with her face painted

her uncle chico buarque (miúcha's brother), is behind them , and his daughter sílvia (who later became actress) is the less enthusiatic girl in the blue dress

...and a version by vanessa da mata

...and another by maría victória (with hiccups)

rio is famous for carnaval, and its blocos, or carnaval groups, who rehearse all year round. this bloco is  called "mulheres de chico", or "chico's women".  brazil is a strongly religious country; full of women who love chico buarque & who think he's god, which is useless to argue with. i don't know what the entry requirements are for brazilian women to join "chico's women", but i fear that sadly there will never be a carnaval bloco called "mulheres de denis"

here in december 2007 performing the same song


and here in 2009

more of "mulheres de chico". rubbish quality recording, but... here they are again, in their natural habitat

    and here      and here  

women from all over brazil have left messages on their blog, saying things like "i've bought my own instrument and have started practising, how can i join your bloco? they only perform chico buarque songs. to find out more about them, this photo will take you to their website


fernanda porto ** fernanda porto ** fernanda porto **


live...  & video versions

"samba a dois"


"tanta besteira"


"pensamento 4"

"sampa" (caetano veloso)


"eu preciso entender tudo isso"

"perdi o tom"


& live

"tudo de bom"





 "amor errado"






& chico buarque "roda viva" 2004






"tinha que acontecer"

"roda de samba"

"agora é minha vez"

"tem uma vaga aí?"

"cidade sem fim"

"virou canção"


with max de castro & mad zoo "jazz session"



xrs land f. caio bernardes & fernanda porto "caionagandaia"

this is only audio, but well worth listening to. it was first released as a dj xrs creation  - fernanda porto wasn't even credited as vocalist

an interview with the lady herself



** 3 na massa ** 3 na massa ** 3 na massa **

3 na massa f. pitty "lágrimas pretas"


3 na massa f. lurdes da luz "sem fôlego"

3 na massa f. thalma de freitas & pitty "enladeirada" live


 3 na massa f. thalma de freitas "enladeirada" video

3 na massa f. nina becker "o objeto"

3 na massa f. karine carvalho  "tatuí"

3 na massa f. marina de la riva  "loving you"

3 na massa – brazilian tv report


luciana mello "na veia da nêga"



luciana mello & max de castro "ta-hi"

how to have fun with an old carnaval song...

...and the same song sung by marina de la riva

marina de la riva with 2 live versions of "tin tin deo"

patricia marx "demais pra esquecer"

vanessa da mata "eu sou neguinha


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