** hippy hoppy electronicky drum'n'bassamba **


mixed gems

joão gilberto

história de uma gata

mulheres de chico

summer samba

hippy hoppy electronicky drum'n'bassamba

canção do mar

baden powell

caetano veloso & gilberto gil

chico buarque

girl from ipanema


that feminine tuch

tom zê


jorge ben

fernanda porto

** hippy hoppy electronicky drum'n'bassamba **

racionais mcs * racionais mcs * racionais mcs * racionais mcs

"nego drama"


you don't like rap? you don't understand any portuguese? just watch it. bear with me. trust me. please, be patient. watch it. watch that crowd. even without understanding the rapping, you can tell that the people in the crowd CARE.  every one of them CARES. that song obviously means something to them. that group means something to those people in the crowd. a crowd full of fellahs, women & kids; normal people. a kid sitting on his dad's shoulders, with them both singing along together to their group, the racionais. singing along to their song. there is definitely something going on here.

and wouldn't it be nice to understand portuguese to know what the song was about? maybe you can tell what it's about without understanding the words. and wouldn't you be tempted to go to one of their gigs? you might feel strange and out of place beforehand, outside the venue. i imagine it to be a bit scary & intimidating. but maybe not, looking at this crowd. you'd probably be made welcome.

"nego" by the way is nigger (male), "nega" for a girl. "preto"/"preta" is the normal word for the colour black, but is also used for skin colour and to refer to a black man/woman.  gilberto gil has a daughter called preta who is also a singer, here they are together

a black brazilian (or as mano brown of the racionais...

...points out here, a "descente de escravo", descendent from slaves) can use nego/nega or "neguinho/neguinha" little nigger, "negão" big nigger (jorge ben & gilberto gil sing to a lot of negas in their songs).

 but i've yet to come across a nega in any song written by european descendents, say, chico buarque or caetano veloso, unless they were covering a jorge ben or gilberto gil song. (i might be very wrong, here, i'll have to check this up). and what about me? would i be safe in brazil using the word in any songs i wrote? i don't know, i'll have to go and live in brazil for a few years, then i'll report back. watch this space. but most importantly, watch "nego drama". again & again & again.

no bling. no hoes. no shite


"sobrevivendo no inferno"


"jesús chorou" 


"qual mentira vou acreditar"



"capítulo 4 versículo 3"

"vida loca 1"

"vida loca 2"

"vida é um desafio"

"jorge da capadócia" (jorge ben)


"mágico de oz"

"fim de semana no parque""



here's Mano Brown reworking jorge ben's "ponta de lança africano (umbabarauma)" (from his 1976 album Africa Brasil) with  the man himself


gabriel o pensador * gabriel o pensador * gabriel o pensador *

"o resto do mundo" live portugal 94




"fala sério!"


 & marcelo d2 improvising


"até quando"

"festa da musica tupiniquim"



gabriel o pensador (the thinker, or da thinker man): his até quando? (literally "until when?" but "how much longer?" is a better fit) is amazing as a song, and this video really does it more than justice. in fact, i think it elevates the song. i'd never realised how good the song was till i saw this video. i actually got into gabriel before i knew anything about racionais. back in '94 or '95, when i was living in spain. late on saturday nights, a spanish dj, rodolfo poveda,

(still going today on the same radio station with two programs, trópico utópico & los sonideros, well worth checking out his podcasts. they're in spanish, obviously, but the music is from everywhere) started playing tracks by gabriel and reading the lyrics out out & translating them. i've still got tapes of parts of his shows back then. he used to play a lot of brazilian music, which was difficult to find in shops at the time in spain, and he certainly pointed me in a lot of right directions. i'd never seen so much as a cd cover, so i didn't know what gabriel looked like in those pre-internet days. i actually thought gabriel was black. when i first saw his photo on the web and realized he wasn't black, i felt somewhat cheated, and went off him a bit. me, racist?

this clip has made me go back & listen to gabriel's albums again, and the song is actually from his 5th, "Seja você mesmo (mas não seja sempre o mesmo)" (be yourself, but don't always be the same) this frankly surprised me; you don't expect a singer to still be doing good songs by album number 5. number 1 is brilliant and 2 can be brilliant, too. but 3, 4, 5 etc are just cashing in by someone churning out crap who's got nothing else to say but who has developed a big ego and expensive tastes which need to be financed somehow & who should be forcibly retired. but not old gabriel.

incidentally, his own video version is very sparse; without any knowledge of portuguese, you can only guess at what kind of things are being said. but the song has been taken to heart by a lot of people, and there are a lot of alternative video versions. projects made by different school groups, for example. their images are, shall we say, more illustrative of the song lyrics. YouTube has them, and you can check some out here here here here & here

** planet hemp ** marcelo d2 ** black alien **


i only got into planet hemp by the the time they'd already split up, & marcelo d2 & black alien were going solo

planet hemp "queimando tudo"

if you want something catchy, uplifting and toe-tappingly sing-alongable, you could do no better than put a coin in the jukebox slot for planet hemp's homage to smoking "maconha"

planet hemp "esquadrilha da fumaça" (estrelando os chipanzés zezinho e pedrinho)


a clip (starring the chmps zezinho & pedrinho) you're gonna be sending to everybody you know, saying "i've just discovered this on the web, watch this, you gotta see it"

planet hemp "a culpa é de quem?"



planet hemp "mantenha o respeito"


planet hemp "deisdasseis (dig dig dig hempa)"


planet hemp "dig dig dig {paranormal attack remix}




planet hemp "fazendo a cabeça"



marcelo d2 "1967"


marcelo d2 "1967" live


marcelo d2 "a maldição do samba"


marcelo d2 with his son mtv unplugged


black alien "from hell do céu"

black alien "como eu te quero"

black alien "perícia na delícia"

black alien "babylon by gus"

black alien & speed "quem que cagüetou?" (who grassed me up?)

"o invasor"


sabotage "um bom lugar" (a good place)

sabotage "um bom lugar" live on tv

s.p. funk, r.z.o. & sabotage "enxame"

sabotage " respeito é pra quem tem"

the video begins with sabotage being blessed by dona ana but as a text says near the end, her blessing wasn't enough to prevent him being shot dead from 4 gun shots

chico science & nação zumbi * chico science & nação zumbi *

 "a cidade"


"da lama ao caos"



"rios pontes e overdrives"

djs & drum'n'bassamba * djs & drum'n'bassamba *

drumagick "easy boom" studio live


drumagick are the brothers jr deep & guilherme lopes, and this is their drum'n'bassamba gory frankensteinian butchering of jorge ben's "take it easy my brother charles", chopped into small joints and stitching the limbs back together with pieces from other corpses into this frankenstein version. delicious! this is taken from a channel called showlivre, which broadcasts online, and they always feature artists live in what looks like the same tiny studio

 drumagick "swing jazz" studio live









& here is the whole tv programme which these two clips are taken from, with the presenter mara nascimento




max de castro drumagick'd "funkiada"








here are some fascinating (for me) masterclasses in "discotecagem" "mixagem" & "dicas de discotecagem" or dj tips & mixing. no subtitles, so knowledge of portuguese wuold be helpful here

 from drumagick

dj guilherme lopes (half of drumagick)

xerxes de oliveira, aka XRS


 otto "tv a cabo"




otto "bob"




database "realce"


a gory frankensteinian drum'n'bassamba reworking of a gilberto gil song

brazilian project " brazil bossa n bass "


bossa nova was called a cool jazz, so drum'n'bassamba can have it's cool variants

anvil fx & andrea marquee 2001


dj marky & xrs  "lk 'carolina carol bela'"


this is cheating, an "animation" was the nearest i could find for this other drum'n'bassamba gory frankensteinian reworking of the jorge ben & toquinho song...

dj marky feat. stamina mc "lk 'carolina carol bela'"

...but it's nearer to what i wanted than this rewoking of the reworking with an mc


dj patife vs. max de castro "pra você lembrar"


more good trama stuff



max de castro




max de castro "samba raro"




max de castro "onda diferente"



max de castro "a história da morena nua"



luciana mello & max de castro


how to have fun with an old carnaval song


edgard scandurra aka benzina "toda doce"

edgard scandurra "amor incondicional"  "after silence" & "do chão não passa"

edgard scandurra aka benzina "eu estava la"

 "cidade de deus"


"favela on blast"

no spiel from me. i haven't seen the film yet, but this summary is straight from the website.

"For 20 years, a subculture has emerged under society's radar. Favela On Blast tells the stories of sex, love, poverty and pride for Rio's marginalized people. They have their own language, style and heros. It's a music that's fast, heavy and violent like the city itself. This film is a flash of a few lives of charismatic people that relate to the funk music and a retelling of the subculture itself.

Funk superstars like Deize, Tigrona, Mr Catra, Duda Do Borell all make an appearance. And traficantes, funkieros, mothers and fathers, workers and students in Rio all have a part to play in funk culture. Its kinda of like the bass that ate rio mixes with Edward Scissorhands."

and here are several trailers and preliminary studies from the documentary

teasers & & a subtitled cnn interview

& trailers

and here's a rio-barcelona cybertalk which gilberto gil conducted in 2007 citing "favela on blast"

brazilian "funk/funke" wouldn't equate to the funk you might be more familiar with. if you don't get what it is after watching all these clips you never will

see also my sections on

fernanda porto   cibelle  3 na massa

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