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jorge ben, jorge ben, jorge ben. what can you say about jorge ben? just listen to his music, man. and if you can watch him at the same time, even better. and if he's playing acoustic guitar, even better still

& trio mocotó "bebete vãobora" 1969


the earliest clip of jorge i've found so far. crap black & white film quality from brazilian tv in '69, but priceless & unbeatable. his first album came out in '63, so there must be earlier footage somewhere

& os originais do samba "domingas" 1970






2 clips from a tv rap programme, "manos & minas", one with jorge ben being interviewed, but both with tantalising short clips of old tv performances, the first clip has a version of one of my favourite songs "charles, anjo 45". caetano veloso's version is below





"rita jeep" (& a bit of "mais que nada") brazilian tv 1972

"filho maravilha"/"mais que nada"/"zazueira"/"que maravilha"/"pais tropical"


"os alquimistas estão chegando" 1974


"o namorado da viúva" brazilian tv 1974


"zumbi" 1977


"camisa 10 da gávea"

"jesus de praga" 1977

"natal brasileiro"

jorge's brazilian christmas from 1978

""ponta de lança africano (umbabarauma)" from 1976...


...and a cool recent reworking of "umbabarauma"

with Mano Brown from Racionais MC's

"waimea 55000"


"adelita" 1980

& toquinho "carolina carol bela" 1969 brazilian tv


& toquinho "carolina carol bela" 1995 brazilian tv


& toquinho "que maravilha" 1995


"taj mahal" mtv unplugged 2002


"pais tropical - spyro gyra"  mtv unplugged 2002


"jorge da capadócia" mtv unplugged 2002

...and here are two cover versions of this last song...

"jorge da capadócia" caetano veloso


"jorge da capadócia" racionais mcs


"charles, anjo 45" jorge ben & caetano veloso

i was really, really DISAPPOINTED to find this clip. it's a jorge ben song, sung by caetano, which has fascinated me for years. it was one of the first songs in portuguese whose words i ever learnt, and i've always wondered what it was about, and i've only recently found out that it's about a real brazilian ex-marine & freedom fighter...

....avelino capitani, who was given the code name of charles, angel 45 (hence the song title). the video was shot a long time after the song was recorded, and i think i hate it. nevertheless, i can't put my finger on why, and i might grow to love it. so does this mean that 2 other of my favourite jorge ben songs, "take it easy my brother charles" & "charles, jr" are also dedicated to capitani? can my respect for jorge ben get even immenser than it already is?

joined on stage by caetano veloso & chico buarque for "a banda do zê pretinho chegou"

bad quality sound & images, and judging by caetano's jacket, 1980s bad taste clothes, but worth watching to see jorge, caetano & chico having a good old-fashioned cockney-style knees-up at the end of the song

imagine, say, bobbie dylan, davie bowie & van morrrissson doing something like this during a chorus of "john, i'm only dancing"

dj marky & xrs  "lk 'carolina carol bela'"


this is cheating, an "animation" was the nearest i could find for this other drum'n'bassamba gory frankensteinian reworking of the jorge ben & toquinho song...

dj marky feat. stamina mc "lk 'carolina carol bela'"

...but it's nearer to what i wanted than this reworking of the reworking with an mc


"mosaicos - a arte de jorge ben jor" tv cultura documentary 2008

there are documentaries in the same series on chico buarque & caetano veloso

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