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** gilberto gil & caetano veloso **

the brazil years, before being exiled (first to france, then to london)

they had both been inspired by joão gilberto's 1959 album "chega de saudade". whether or not you like the album, listening to it today with your 21st century ears, the impact it had on a lot of brazilians actually happened, so it can't be denied. anyway, here are gil & veloso in 1967. they've met up, moved to rio & são paolo from bahia in the north, they've become friends, they want to shake up music in brazil, and open it up to everything happening abroad, as well as certain dada-like/surrealist tendencies (tropicalismo, antropofagismo) that were already happening in brazilian art. but large sections of the public and the authorities just want samba. nice, uncontroversial, predictable, SAMBA. gil & veloso insisted on their TROPICALIA.

tv music talent competitions were massive at the time, with huge prizes and influence and prestige for the winners. here are clips from the biggest of these in 1967, the festival mpb (música popular brazileira)

caetano veloso & the beat boys "alegria, alegria". they were voted into fourth place, and here they reprise their song as the winners are being announced (with fans chanting that they should have been first), and then being forced into an encore.

the beat boys were actually an argentinian beat group 

gilberto gil & os mutantes reprising "domingo no parque" after being voted into second place, with rogério duprat winning best arrangement.

watch for gilberto kissing his wife dorival caymmi – the first ever televised mixed race kiss on brazilian tv, which didn't endear gilberto to the military government

chico buarque & mpb 4, reprising "roda viva" after  being voted the winners.  

caetano veloso "é proibido proibir" audio recording of a riot he started 1968


over the next year or so gilberto & caetano earned themselves special trips: several terms of imprisonment, then exile. chico later served time in prison for subversion, and on a tour of italy stayed there in self-imposed exile

extracts from brazilian tv documentaries about gilberto gil & caetano veloso & tropicalismo


the brazil years after their exile in london

gilberto gil "back in bahia" 1972 their first concert back in brazil,


with caetano veloso just dancing around and generally happy to be back home

gilberto gil "expresso 2222" 1972 same concert. your jaw will be dropped & your gob smacked by this solo number, i promise you (the audience are worn out by the end!)

gilberto gil "expresso 2222" mtv unplugged 1994


caetano veloso "asa branca" são paolo 1973

gilberto gil 'aquele abraço' / 'back in bahia' brazilian tv 1979



during one of his terms in miltary prisons in brazil, guards greeted him with an expression he didn't understand, "aquele abraço". it was only when he was set free that he found out it was a tv catchphrase that had caught on while he was in prison.  this is from  gil's website

"Aquele abraço, Gil!" - "Era assim que os soldados me saudavam no quartel, com a expressão usada no programa do Lilico, humorista em voga na época, que tinha esse bordão... eu aprendi a saudação com os soldados. Eu não tinha televisão na prisão, evidentemente, mas eles assistiam o programa; eu só vim a ver depois, quando saí."

the phrase stuck with him, and once the military had set his departure date he concentrated on basing a song around it. he says

tinha que dizer 'bye bye'

"i had to say.... erm, er..." i don't know what this brazilian phrase bye bye is, but what ever it is, gil had to say it, & this song was gonna be it, a big joyous up to everything & everybody he was gonna miss. it was the last song he recorded in brazil, and he didn't even get to hear the finished version before leaving. in his absence it was released as a single, selling over 300,000 copies

{"aquele abraço" as it was a catchphrase, it's not worth trying to translate -"that embrace" or "that hug"- but "a big up" comes close}

'aquele abraço' rio 1983, at a gig to raise money for flood victims in southern brazil


gilberto gil & caetano veloso 'aquele abraço' são paolo 1993


gilberto gil & stevie wonder "desafinado"


"free beer!"


rita lee, caetano veloso, gilberto gil e tom zé "batmacumba" ao vivo 1999

caetano veloso "terra" 1999


caetano veloso & gilberto gil "terra" madrid 2002


caetano & gilberto brazilian tv interview early 90s talking about tropicalismo & the late 60s, caetano gets really angry at the new york times brazil correspondent for lies he wrote about caetano & gilberto

database "realce"


a gory frankensteinian drum'n'bassamba reworking of a gilberto gil song

cibelle's versions of 2 gilberto gil songs, from a trbute programme

gilberto gil & cibelle

& renato braz & berimbrown 'aquele abraço'


"refazenda"   "punk da periferia"

jorge ben joined on stage by caetano veloso & chico buarque for "a banda do zê pretinho chegou"

bad quality sound & images, and judging by caetano's jacket, 1980s bad taste clothes, but worth watching to see jorge, caetano & chico having a good old-fashioned cockney-style knees-up at the end of the song (could you imagine, say, bob dylan, david bowie & van morrrissson doing something like that?)

"jorge da capadócia" caetano veloso



"charles, anjo 45" jorge ben & caetano veloso

i was really, really DISAPPOINTED to find this clip. it's a jorge ben song, sung by caetano, which has fascinated me for years. it was one of the first songs in portuguese whose words i ever learnt, and i've always wondered what it was about....

.....and i've only recently found out that it's about a real brazilian ex-marine & freedom fighter, avelino capitani, who was given the code name of charles, angel 45 (hence the song title). the video was shot a long time after the song was recorded, and i think i hate it. nevertheless, i can't put my finger on why, and i might grow to love it. is another of my favourite jorge ben songs, "take it easy my brother charles", also dedicated to capitani? can my respect for jorge ben get even immenser than it already is?

here's a good little documentary about & featuring gilberto gil

"mosaicos - a arte de caetano veloso" tv cultura documentary 2008

there are documentaries in the same series on chico buarque & jorge ben

gilberto gil talking funk/funke & technology inside the slums using 'favela on blast' as an example.  this video was transmitted as a live tv show from rio to barcelona using for the first time intercontinental fiber channel internet connection (also called internet 2) during the ARTFUTURA digital art festival, spain 2007 (with english subtitles). click here for more on "favela on blast"


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