How would you choose to die if you knew your time was up?

This is a simple story: condemned prisoners choosing their method of execution.

My descriptions of the protagonist and the restaurant may make them appear upper class. Yet we easily could go for another look: namely, the slightly tacky, grubby look of Jan Svankmajer's films. It doesn't matter if the dining area, clothes, the people, the food and the decor look a bit decaying and past their best, beneath layers of poverty and Eastern Europe-style Cold War grime. The important things are:

(i) how everyone behaves towards our protagonist -they make it obvious that he is special- and

(ii) the acting -e.g. the chef's clothes can be dirty and the speciality can be greasy eggs & chips, as long as the chef holds himself with aplomb and savoir faire and we see him being respected by the other characters. Likewise, it doesn't matter if the very special, super rare wine (sequence 9) is actually cheap stuff with a screw cap - it is the actors' reactions which matter.

The lack of dialogue may make this silent film more challenging for actors than a normal film, and so much would depend on their mime skills. Where are Peter Sellers & Spike Milligan when you need them?

Here it is. And I even did a Spanish version (these links will open up as PDF files with Firefox, Safari & I.Explorer, but with Opera right-click on them and choose Save Linked Content As...)

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