Clicking on the above pictures will take you to the relevant page. This space is a gamble for me, more than the Drawings Galleries.


It could become a mere store room or display cabinet. A pathetic attempt to show off useless bric-a-brac. Worthless ornaments. Stuff that really should be thrown away. I can see it as me desperately trying to get people's attention: "hello, look at me, I'm a writer, even though I've never had anything published and none of my scripts will ever be filmed!" Wait, if there is an either, surely there should be an or? Ah, here it comes


A reminder that I haven't actually wasted all my time all of the time as much as I keep telling myself. Having this section is the equivalent of giving myself a kick up the backside, in the hope of spurring myself on and being more productive. I tend to berate myself for being a bit of a wastral. But the theory is that if I acknowledge the fact, I will force myself to do something about it. I might find it interesting to see this particular section grow, with me adding more and more things.

A gamble? Why?

Well, drawings is what I do, what I am & what I've been about for years, in my mind at least. I never had cartoons published when I submitted them to Punch & Private Eye when I was 16 or 17. So what? I've always have faith in them and belief in that side of me. I had 4 drawings accepted for an exhibition in Liverpool back in 1986, before I left for Spain full time. I kept drawing and evolved during my years in Spain. I started doing exhibitions. Those drawings have been out in the big bad world and learnt to survive in the jungle. They can defend themselves and stand up on their own two feet. I've sold one or two of them, I've sold a few prints. Certain drawings have loyal fans, for crying out loud! A friend did a remix of some drawings. One drawing was even stolen from an exhibition, ”no te jode! (feel free to your stereotyped jokes about robbing Scousers and cars on bricks). I know the drawings are good, and it was never going to be a gamble for me to exhibit them online. Whereas writing is not what I do, what I am nor what I've been about for years.

This is my gamble. I can fall flat on my face with my scribblings, not with my drawings. But it's a challenge. I'll say it here and now, in full view of everyone: I want to make what I post on the Writings Galleries as interesting as the Drawings Galleries. There, I've said it. And I don't feel foolish! Will I feel foolish after I've said the same thing about my Photos Galleries?

Most of what I have here is screenplays. None have ever been filmed of course. I have known quite a lot of people in Spain who ebb and flow around the film world. It attracts people like moths to a flame. A lot of my friends struggle every day with projects of theirs. I don't know anybody who has an easy time of it. I have also done a lot work in the field, translating screenplays and synopses into English. I've read a lot of friends' screenplays, and have even been privileged to be in at the birth of one or two films, as midwife (supplying the hot water) and godfather (buying cigars and whiskies for the proud parents). Sabotage is a case in point. I translated every stage of Josemi Ibarretxe's script, from original synopsis for a one-act play to a feature film which eventually starred Stephen Fry, David Suchet and Dominique Pinon. I even worked on the shoot, as dialogue coach. There are photos from the shoot in the Photos Gallery. Added to which, I have always been a strong lover and collector of all things Monty Python, Spike Milligan and British comedy in general, including collections of scripts. It is a format I am familiar with. I don't necessarily want to make them into films myself. I have seen the process close-up, and I am too much of a coward. I am a moth who thinks that the real dangers of the flame far outweigh any potential rewards.

But I let myself be guided by the Idea. If the Idea demands that I carry it out as a drawing, I do it as a drawing. If the Idea screams "screenplay" at me, I write a screenplay. I concentrate more on pinning down the Idea so as not to let it go to waste. My screenplays are Ideas that have not gone to waste. What I haven't done is to have had the guts and wherewithal to take them further and film them myself. At least they have a place on my website.

By the way, for any of you running up a bit of a thirst, there's a chill-out lounge & bar here. Just click on the animation. . .  . . .which you'll see in the floor plan. . .


. . .on the Foyer page of the Drawings Galleries. It also has a smirting patio for any smokers amongst you.

or or  Or stay here. Whatever. It's not my business

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