i think this is amazing. datamoshing must be the way forwards every time i watch this, it makes me think how long it must have taken to film. then i stop thinking, because it does my head in the passers-by's comments make this video great to watch. (spanish, but with english subtitles) i know this district in barcelona, but haven't seen this graffiti. here is my own small gallery of graffiti photos i have taken (in barcelona and elsewhere). and here are my only ever attempts at graffiti


a mad idea. but i bet everyone who's seen it had wished they'd come up with it. nice shots of the basque country

summer 1986. i have 4 drawings in an exhibition in liverpool. in the next room there are animations playing. this is one that i fell in love with. set in a night club, the cas. me and my uni friends often used to go there. the animator must have gone there too. maybe we were there at the same time. the club is gone. my memories of it aren't. the video isn't. this is that video and here's my contribution to that exhibition


"bunga bunga" started with berlusconi in italy and made the news elsewhere. but what was it. here an italian journalist tries to imagine an italian returning to italy after the "bunga bunga" episode, trying to figure out from the newspapers what the hell "bunga bunga" was

this brazilian portuguese song is a simple thing for kids, an illustrated list of names of fruit & fruit trees, with gaps at the end  for you to sing along the tree names . . .

. . . & here's film of a little girl singing it with her mum. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


a brazilian group recording songs using kids' toy instruments. "live & let die" will never sound as good again




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